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When we introduced the X-Series wings, we took Cabrinha’s foil program to a whole new level. Through working alongside SINTEF and the University of Norway where we were able to fully breakdown and simulate hydrofoil performance in the world's largest cavitation tank. From this we have been able to further evolve the X-Series into the industry’s leading all round hydrofoil. Early lift, but with a high top speed has been achieved, and through refined tip shape and profile, you are able to break the tips free, but still be ready to carve into your next turn.

Swept LE, Straight TE, Ultra lean efficient profile, moderate anhedral.


  • Loose and agile 
  • All round lean profile
  • Refined tip shape
  • Tapered fit
  • Torsional Stiffness
  • Medium AR
  • PMI core
  • Pre Preg construction
  • Modular

         TECH SPECS

        • X700- 700cm^2, WS 640mm, AR 5.85, Chord 140
        • X930- 930cm^2, WS 750mm, AR 6.05, Chord 165
        • X1240- 1240cm^2 WS 870mm, AR 6.10, Chord 190
        • X1650- 1650 cm^2, WS 1010mm, AR 6.18, Chord 220
        • X2100- 2100 cm^2, WS 1150mm, AR 6.01, Chord 255

          Set includes:

          Front wing, wing covers.

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          Key Features


          Through refined profiles, moderate aspect ratio and an all new wingtip shape, the X-Series MkII is the ultimate foil for maneuverability, no matter the board or sport you do.


          The all around lean profile still maintains the forgiving low-end that the X-Series is known for, but now boasts an increased speed range.


          The all new tip design allows you to be able to free the tips in a turn, but be confident that the foil will re-enter without cavitation. This is one specific area of research & testing undertaken at the SINTEF facility.

          TAPERED FIT

          The ergonomic tapered connection between the fuselage and mast provides the ultimate in rigidity, while still being easy to assemble and disassemble.


          Through the use of a PMI core and the layered Pre Preg carbon sheets, the X-Series MkII sets a new benchmark for hydrofoil torsional stiffness.

          MEDIUM AR

          The medium aspect ratio design allows for early lift and a stable forgiving ride.

          BARREL NUT

          Brass 'through bolt' adds torsional stiffness to the wing / mast connection point.

          PRE PREG

          Pre coated carbon sheets allow for an extremely accurate level of resin absorption. Combined with an exclusive interweave design that follows the shape and profile of the wings, you have unparallel levels of torsional stiffness and reflex response.


          The modularity of the CAB Fusion system allows you to seamlessly interchange between any of the X-Series and H-Series front wings and stabilizers.

          3D View

          For Winging "I usually ride the X-series MKII 930 or the H800 with the V-series tail stabilizers 180 and short fuselage, and sometimes some much bigger front wings for cruising, In addition to the 80cm carbon mast.

          Wing Setup: X930MKII, 80cm Carbon Mast, V180 stabilizer, 276mm Fuselage.

          For Kiting, to me, the best Kite foil set up you can have, Is the Logic 110 and sometime the 130 for jumping and having more volume on the landing, combined with the X-700 MKII with the 80cm carbon mast and the V-series tail stabilizers 180 and short fuselage

          Kite Setup: X700, 80cm Mast, V180 stabilizer, 276mm Fuselage." - Theo