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Q: What is the best kite in the line?

While there is no such thing as our "best" kite (since different attributes will appeal to different riding styles), the Switchblade is the go to kite for 80% of our riders. It is excellent for unhooked or hooked in riding in just about any conditions. Its reliability and predictability are two of the reasons why it excels as a high-performance kite as well as an all round universal ride kite. The Switchblade delivers a stable source of power which transfers into incredible pop. Once in the air, the kite will steer effortlessly with minimal input from the rider.



Q: Which kite model is right for me?

There are many factors to consider when selecting the proper kiteboarding gear. Each model is designed to compliment different riding styles. While every model we make is capable across all disciplines, choosing the one that best suits the type of riding you enjoy the most will help server to further enhance each session. It is advisable to talk to your local Cabrinha Dealer to gain additional insight on model(s) that speak most to your riding preferences.



Q: What size quiver should I buy?

No one kite will cover the entire wind range. Ideally, you will have two or three kites that can cover a wide variety of conditions. Newer kites generally have a more usable wind range than older kites.
Large kite for lighter winds - 10-15mph = 12-16m
Medium kite for medium winds - 15-25mph = 8-11m
Small kite for higer winds - 25-35 mph = 4-7m



Q: Why are lessons so expensive?

Kiteboarding is an alternative sport that usually requires private, one-on-one instruction. Other such alternative sports (i.e. Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Surfing etc.) also generally require private or semi-private lessons for the best results. You will get the instructors undivided attention as well as more quality water time. This combination yields a better understanding of the gear and a much quicker and safer progression into this amazing sport. In general, kite lessons are considered to be on par with and sometime even more affordable than private lessons in other alternative sports. This is especially true when you factor in the extra costs involved with lift tickets and equipment rental just as one example. In making the decision to participate in the sport we HIGHLY encourage beginner lessons to learn the ropes so you don't get hurt or harm other kiters. Most schools are only there because they are truly passionate about this sport and want to promote it in a safe environment... not to get rich.



Q: I need a spare part for my Cabrinha Kite. Where can I find the part I need to get me back on the water?

A complete listing of all available spare parts for recent model kites can be found here. Spare parts are available for purchase through any authorized Cabrinha dealer or distributor. Since it’s impossible to stock every part ever made, certain items may not always be in stock. However, you can always request to special order the item. A complete listing of authorized Cabrinha dealers can be found here. If you're in the US or Canada, you can order your MY2019 and MY2020 spare part in our Online Shop. To see the items available, please go to Spare Parts and click on the part you need.