soundwave project

The Soundwave Project™ is a collaborative art and music initiative to promote ocean awareness and participation in maintaining a healthy marine environment. 

For the past two decades, Cabrinha has played a ground-breaking role in the evolution of surf sports with its pioneering efforts in kitesurfing, tow-surfing, and foil boarding. As part of our 20 years in business celebration, we are presenting 10 hand-painted Lanikai Ukuleles by the brand’s creative heads and artists Patrick Dunne and Pete Cabrinha.

These playable art pieces are offered for sale for $1,000 per ukulele. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Surfrider Foundation, The Luau and Legends of Surfing, and various other ocean-minded organizations.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these unique ukuleles please contact us.



A quick look behind the scenes at Cabrinha will reveal how much art and music influence the brand. Our visual aesthetic is a catalyst that binds every element of the company, putting art at its center. A collection of guitars and ukuleles decorate our headquarters on Maui, frequent jam sessions display the incredible musical talent among the team. These 10 unique pieces represent Cabrinha’s culture and lifestyle rooted in Maui, Hawaii.

the artists

Patrick dunne

With a life inspired by art and over 15 years of experience within the water sports industry, Patrick Dunne blends his aesthetics in his fine art and professional graphic design. Patrick’s roots in art go back to his family with a long line of creative people. From early childhood to art school, Patrick was always surrounded by art. 

Patrick’s pieces are inspired by images or subjects that make the viewer think or feel something, exploring the complex relationship between man and nature. Using layers of acrylic paint, photographs and fabrics, Patrick’s pieces tell a story different to everyone. There can also be some twisted humor or sarcasm in his work. 

As Chief Graphic Designer at Cabrinha, Patrick creates all of the brand’s visual designs and product graphics.

Model #1 Aloha

Model #2 Kokua

Model #3 Malama

Model #4 Pono

Model #5 Kuleana

the artists

Pete Cabrinha

For the past two decades, Pete Cabrinha has pursued the visual arts with vigor and curiosity. Pete pairs his technical photography skills with his off center painting techniques to capture the essence of a life lived above and below the Hawaiian waters. Pete sets the focus on situations that constantly change, like the weather or the ocean. Both provide a renewable source of imagery that colors the basic way of life in Hawaii: Light, drama, beauty and tension. Pete’s inspiration is fueled by the creativity that flows through his family. Lisa, his wife is an artist and fashion designer, and his daughter Tahiti has embraced the arts through music and the theatre.

Pete’s success and lifestyle as a professional water sports athlete and the founder of Cabrinha Kitesurfing can be directly linked to his deep roots in Maui, Hawaii. Pete's dedication to water sports has gained him both pioneer and master status in three of the most cutting edge sports to come along in the past three decades. International titles in surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing have put Pete at the top of a short list of world class watermen.

Model #6 PC1

Model #7 PC2

Model #8 PC3

Model #9 PC4

Model #10 PC5

If you are interested in purchasing one of these unique ukuleles please contact us.


Special Thanks to Lanikai Ukuleles for supporting the Soundwave Project. Music by Pono Kaeo.