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There have been many noticeable innovations in the sport of Wingfoiling.   The first inflatable wing, High aspect foils, composite wide span handles.  But this is the next big evolution.      

Introducing the Swift.   A displacement hull design, with wingfoil specific volume distribution and sizing.  The first board of it’s kind to be specifically designed to not only aid in light wind Wingfoiling, but to also become a go to board in any quiver for all styles of riding in both flat water and waves.

The unique hull shape and volume distribution works in harmony with the power of the wing to generate enough forward momentum to get you up and foiling effortlessly.      Combined with the high cut rails, this makes the Swift not only the Best Light wind Board on the market, it may also be one of the best wave riding boards out there.

Give the Swift a go, and feel it change not only how you ride, but what is possible.


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The forces found in Wingfoiling are like no other board sport. Standard constructions simply don't cut it, and as such we have developed a specific wingfoil construction. With a lightweight EPS core the board utilizes a durable composite construction with Bamboo and a uni-directional carbon stringer to withstand these forces.

The large recess in the deck allows for increased volume distribution in the tips of the board to help with early starts, it also brings your feet closer to the top of the foil for increased reactivity and response when riding or in maneuvers.

The straight edge rails of the Swift not only help in the initial forward drive you feel when getting up and going, but also really help during carves and turns, especially on waves where the rail may touch the water. The clean edge provides new levels of water release.

The smooth V-nose shape to planing surface allows for an incredibly efficient glide through the water leading to minimal resistance take-offs.

The swift utilizes a pulled in kick tail design which allows for better efficiency through the water and helps the swift lift off the water with ease. The high chines and pin tail allow for more carving clearance through the turns and when touching down.

Each foil board comes with lockable T-Nuts that easily fix to the the foil track keeping the mast position the same every time you setup the foil. No faffing with the track nuts either, simply place your mast and the screw positions are automatically lined up ready for the T-nut to screw in

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"For taking off on light wind days the Swift is at a whole new level. The amount of forward momentum the board has in the lightest wind is just crazy. Its hard to find unrideable days when you have a Swift in the quiver!" - Alby Rondina

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