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Repair Centers

‘Official Cabrinha Repair Centers’ have been carefully chosen and evaluated based on not only their skills and expertise, but also their attention to detail.

Each center has stock of official Cabrinha Spare Parts, making sure there is the compatibility needed to get your product back to full working order.

We strive for excellence, but understand that accidents happen, and that’s why we have chosen the world’s best repair lofts to help you get back on the water.

Repair Center Locator

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'We work closely with Cabrinha’s development team to make sure our practices are aligned with theirs in factory methods.  This relationship allows us to meet the very highest standards of repair for our customers.  It's very rewarding seeing their faces as they see their new gear again ready to hit the water.  Offering such a high quality of service is something we're incredibly proud of.' ~ Kitebarn Repairs, UK'

Repair centers can be found worldwide, simply use the handy center locator above to find the best repairer for you.  You can rest easy knowing each center has been officially authorised by Cabrinha and upholds the highest levels of workmanship available.

Repair centers hold stock of official repair materials provided by Cabrinha for use in repairs.  These consist of all leading edge & canopy materials through to bladders and valves.  Adhesives, patches and custom threads and needles are also provided to official repair centres to maintain the highest level of repair possible.  Whether you have the latest APEX technology product or a favorite old wing that your foil has gone through, we'll have you back on the water quickly with the highest performing product possible.

Mistakes happen, what's important is getting back on the water again fast, with a product that performs as close to the day it left Cabrinha's production facilities as possible. Final inspections of your repaired gear undergo similar safety and QC checks giving you the confidence to get back out there doing what you love.

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