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Seamlessly Designed

Fusion H180 Chop Shop

Fusion H180 Chop Shop *with fuselage


The HS180 High aspect stabilizer has been seamlessly molded as one single component into the fuselage to give exceptional efficiency and stiffness. it allows the rider complete control through varying degrees of the turn and has been precisely tuned for use with all H-series and X-series wings.

You can download the chop shop template here

Set Includes:  Stabilizer, wing covers, 2pcs m6 ss316 torx Ti coated screws, Chop Shop template.

Fusion H180 Chop Shop *with fuselage
Fusion H180 Chop Shop *with fuselage Sale price$0.00

Key Features


The pre coated Carbon sheets, allow for an extremely accurate level of resin and absorption to provide the highest quality composite construction.


The single molded HS series stab has been beautifully engineered to combine the fuselage and stabilizer as one component.


Low drag design to maximize hydrodynamic efficiency.

'Locked-in' mast to fuselage connection giving an exceptional torsional stiffness.

A grooved connection allows components to slot into place easily adding rigidity and a solid stable connection around the screw points.

The modularity of the CAB Fusion system allows you to seamlessly interchange between any of the X-Series and H-Series front wings and stabilizers.

3D View

"This truly is our highest performance tail wing option for the Fusion foil series. It’s incredibly versatile and now with the chop shop template and feature, a whole new performance level is unlocked! As the fuselage and tail wing are a single piece, traditionally, the H-Series 180 tail is a low drag, efficient, and stable option for our larger front wings which will improve overall top speed, stability, pump, and glide. The high aspect nature stabilizes the overall foil platform in roll and in it’s 180 sq cm option, I’d recommend it for our X-Series foils sizes 1240 and larger. Similarly, I think the 180 is great performance boosting option for H-Series sizes 1050 and larger. When you follow the modification guidelines, the H180 tail can be cut to approximately 150 sq cm and this low-drag, reduced size pairs incredibly well with our smaller foil options. The H180 Chop Shop really helps to accentuate the performance of X-Series foil sizes 930 and smaller and H-Series foil sizes 850 and smaller. This will loosen up these sizes in roll, while still maintaining the right fuselage length for appropriate pitch stability of these small foil options. The result is a fast and efficient foil that comes to life in roll and playfulness while also maintaining maximum glide and pumpability given the smaller size of the front wing." - Brendan Healy