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Adventure Sports, Inc. Announces Recall of Ceramic Pulleys used in its Cabrinha® Switchblade and Drifter Kites


Product Identifying Characteristics:

  • White ceramic ring
  • 2 per kite
  • Only in Switchblade and Drifter Kites

Units sold:  Approximately 4,440 kites sold, each incorporating 2 ceramic pulleys each, for a total 8,880 ceramic pulleys in the US and Germany.

Description:  This recall involves the Ceramic Pulleys used in Cabrinha® Switchblade and Drifter Kites for kite surfing; kites with serial numbers beginning with one of the following: 61NI, 61NJ, 61NK, 61NL, 62NA, 62NB, 62NC, C11G, C11H, C11K.  The ceramic pulleys being recalled will be included with Switchblade and Drifter Kites beginning with one of the alphanumeric codes above, and will not have a green dot on the packaging hangtag of the kite and outer shipping box. Identifying characteristics of the recalled ceramic guides include white ring ceramic pieces (2 per kite), no printing on the ceramic piece. 

Incidents/Injuries:  The firm has received at least 30 incidents involving the outer-skin of the bridle lines failing.  One incident involved core of the line to fail.  In no instances did the safety fail.   No injuries have been reported.

Remedy:  Customers should stop using the ceramic pulleys and replace with plastic pulley immediately.

Return and replacement instructions:   Return to point of purchase or Click here to register online for a replacement kit.  Registered consumers will receive instructions to replace the ceramic pulley with an authorized plastic pulley.  Ceramic pulleys (2pcs) should be returned to point of purchase or sent back in prepaid shipping package for the replacement kit You may also register by phone by calling the recall hotline at 800-399-5734.

Sold at:  Select Kite Surfing retailers and online. 

Importer: Adventure Sports, Inc.

Manufactured in: China

For additional information concerning this product recall, you can call the recall hotline at (800) 399-5734.