Brendan Healy, Americas Sales Manager

Nationality:  USA, based in Miami, FL

Home Spot:  Coconut Grove, FL

How many years with Cabrinha:  This January will be 6 years with the group, Sales Manager for 3 years

Favorite Gear Setup:

  • Kite: 9m Contra, 18m lines, Logic 110, H-series 650, 80cm carbon mast, V-series 180 tail, 346 fuse
  • Wing: 4m Mantis, 4’5 Link, H-series 800, 80cm carbon mast, V-series 180 tail, 276 fuse

What is #LiveFreeRideFree for you?:

To me, it’s the ability to completely disconnect from whatever is going on in life at the moment and focus on nothing other than the experience of being on the water.  Whenever I’m riding, I’m focused entirely on the moment and everything else takes a backseat for just a little while.  Add in some good friends, smiles, and laughs, and what else could you possibly ask for?!  Of course it also helps knowing that you’re on the best and most trusted gear possible for any given condition!  Free from distractions and with confidence in the equipment I’m using, this is #LiveFreeRideFree to me!