The Apex Generation

 The Apex series continues to grow and evolve, and the benefits that the Nitro gained in 2023 are now laid out for the all new Moto Apex and Moto Apex XL kites.      The Ultra HT material comes into its own on these products.   With a balanced and controlled bias elongation and recovery, the Apex kites provide the most reactive and responsive feel in the range.  Combined with the new SK99 Apex bridle and lightweight Apex bladders, you have the next level in performance and range.

"There is more than just one material that makes the Apex Series so special. Pat Goodman and the Design Works Team have blended many features to help people push the boundaries of their kiting experience. From Big Air to light winds, the Apex series presents the ultimate in reactivity and performance. The proof is in the pudding, and you just have to try it to feel the difference." - Dave Hastilow, Cabrinha Brand Manager

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