Elena Takes the win in pumping Ponta Preta!

An incredible day of waves signalled the final day of competition at the infamous Ponta Preta in Cape Verde.  With huge sets pulsing through the lineup the girls division was turned up to the max with some critical surfing on show.  Elena Romero, riding her Mantis and Link traded some big scores and some even bigger wipeouts and some waves on the head.  Incredibly both her and her gear survived and she was able toe to capitalise and reach the final against Hawaiian Moon Whyte.

Elena started the final with 2 great scores setting her up to be competitive but went down deep on a set wave midway through the heat which led her to her taking a few huge waves on the head.  As durability testing goes it doesn’t get any gnarlier and as Elena and her gear punched through multiple waves with no issues it was clear she was still very much in the final!  With 5 minutes to go the horizon lit up with what looked like the final  set of the final and both riders went pedal to the metal unleashing multiple turns and some critical turns.

Congratulations Elena on your first tour win!

Elena rides the Mantis wings, 4’3 link and X700 Cab Fusion foils.