Kai Potter and Benji Castenskiold Shine Bright at the La Ventana Gromfest 2023

What an exhilarating two days it was at the La Ventana Gromfest 2023, where young talents aged 8-19 showcased their skills in one of the America’s wind mecca’s.

Among the standout performers were young Cabrinha riders Kai Potter and Benji Castenskiold, who found themselves at the top making their mark in multiple events.

With a diverse pool of over 20 contestants hailing from different corners of the globe, the competition included four event catagories: Wing Race, Wing Freestyle, Kite Big Air, and Kite Freestyle.

The Gromfest drew in a crowd of more than 300 spectators. Cabrinha rider Kai Potter secured the 1st place in the Freestyle division, closely followed by teammate Benji Castenskiold in 2nd place. The remarkable performance showcased the immense talent within Cabrinha's youth team. Both athletes excelled using their preferred wings between Cabrinha's popular Mantis and the Vision models.

“Events like these are fundamental to our sport and I feel, don't get the media attention they deserve.  I'm incredibly grateful to the event organizers for giving these kids a platform to get out there and show that they are top athletes. They aren't just competing amongst themselves but really setting the bar high for the next generation of riders and showing some of the more veteran tour guys what is coming!  I'm so proud to have team riders like Benji Castenskiold and Kai Potter, who not only displayed a ridiculously high level of talent, but most importantly are always helping others on the beach and having a great time!  They are the epitome of the Cabrinha & Dakine family" - WaterBound Investments Chairman, Jon Modica

Congratulations Kai and Benji on your accomplishments. Thank you to the event organizers and all Volunteers. Until next year!

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Benji Castenskiold - @Freeliving8

Kai Potter - @Kai_ziggy_potter