The Line: Annelous in Wonderland

Annelous in Wonderland - The Line Part II


Join Annelous Lammerts on her kicker and rail mission in Brazil's new promised land where perfect wind and flat water make for the best kite park conditions on the planet. Want to know what the perfect Line looks like? Then check out the video and Annelous' recap below.


"Three years ago we visited the Kite Mansion in Icapuì and we discovered a perfect lagoon where no one had kited before. We were so happy to escape the crowds, and we had our best freestyle sessions there, so we decided that from that point we would just spend all our time in Brazil at the Kite Mansion. Two years ago we built our first sketchy kicker and handrail, which got me into park riding and helped both Alex and I win the coveted Triple S wildcard. This year we wanted to build a proper kicker and the owners from the pousada, Sam and Nico, were really motivated to help us. I still can’t believe how much fun we had combining freestyle and park riding every session…"

"Once we arrived we started to build the kicker. Getting the right dimensions was the most crucial part so we spent a lot of time drawing and changing our minds about the size and especially the angle of the kicker. Luckily, we had some help from Xavier, owner of La Source Cable Park, who has a lot of experience building obstacles. Once we had calculated the right dimensions we got help from a local guy who builds furniture and he had all the equipment that we needed. A week later the kicker was finished and we couldn’t be more excited to give it a try."

"It was really a dream come true seeing our kicker in the lagoon! Everyone of the Kite Mansion Crew was killing it on the kicker and it was super motivating to see everyone landing new tricks. For me one of the best moments was when we had the kicker left foot forward and the handrail in the middle of the channel to the right, followed by the barrel. It was so much fun to do an air trick, followed by a rail hit, and ending the line with a fun barrel hit. That was something that I always wanted to do, and finally worked out. I miss riding the lagoon, our perfect kicker and the awesome crew a lot, and I’m already daydreaming of what we are going to do next year…" 

Stay tuned for the next episode of "The Line".