Welcome to The Line

Welcome to the Line, Brazil's new promised land. 


The Cabrinha Team spent some time in Brazil where perfect wind and flat water offer up the setting for the best kite park conditions on the planet. Follow three of Cabrinha's finest park riders Alex Maes, Annelous Lammerts and James Boulding on their quest to ride the perfect LINE. Want to know what the ultimate LINE is? 


"The set up at the Kite Mansion is just perfect and after discovering the most uncrowded lagoon three years ago, we knew this is the perfect place for a kite park!", Alex describes the beginnings of the spot, "One of the most special things about the lagoon is the opportunity to do lines. It took us a few years but we finally made it happen this season." With the support of the owners of Kite Mansion, Sam and Nico, and even the mayor of Icapui, the team built a solid kicker and rail.

"Lines are a big part of skateboarding, wake boarding and other board sports, but in kiteboarding it is still something that hasn't been done much. The lagoon has two long water channels with sand on both sides which makes it look like a cable park set up, then the wind is perfectly oriented for both left and right foot tricks, and straight after that, taking the rail is the best feeling!" Getting a good speed in and out of the tricks is crucial to do a line. According to Alex, the goal is to not switch your feet or leash which pushes you to improve your switch stance and to spin both ways. "The possibilities are endless and I'm sure that we're going to see some insane lines at the Kite Mansion in the next few years..."

Stay tuned for the next episodes of "The Line".