Sessions with Moona

Sessions with Moona:  North Shore vibes


Welcome to the wonderful world of Moona Whyte, 3x Kitesurf World Champion. Home is the north shore of Oahu, where we join her for the first episode of her new 'sessions' series as she travels the globe in search of perfect waves & adventure.


This year, you’ll be featured in the YT series “Sessions with Moona”. What is it about and what was the reasoning behind it?

Sessions with Moona will be a series of videos showing Hawaii - my home and the home of Cabrinha, my travels, and fun things I get up to. It’s kind of based on the Sessions with Susi vlogs that Cabrinha used to have, but with my own style. I get so much cool footage with my Gopro that we thought this would be a good way to share it.

Your first session is at your home spot at the North Shore of Oahu. What are the conditions over there for kiting?

We have really fun waves and pretty consistent wind. The wind is not as strong as other places but the waves can be amazing sometimes. I normally kite at a right hander with sideshore wind, which is perfect for waveriding for a regular-footer. 

With one of the best spots in your backyard, how does a typical day look for you?

It can vary a lot depending on the time of year and the conditions, but during the windy season, a good day would be surfing in the morning, doing some computer work in the middle of the day, and then driving down the road for a kite session in the afternoon till sunset. Then repeat as long as the swell lasts!

Do you edit the blogs yourself and is that something you enjoy doing? 

Yes I edit them myself, but it’s nothing special! I just use iMovie. I’ve been making short clips for instagram over the past couple years, and I really like making those simple edits that tell a little story. That’s how most of my Sessions videos will be.

Your dog Kuma seems to love the water! How long have you had him and how do you take him out on the water?

He’s about 10 months old now, but he loved the water since he was a little puppy! The first time I took him on a SUP, he jumped right on and we caught a wave on the first try. Now he tries to jump on your board before you even get to the water. I’ll definitely get him kiting soon!

Without giving everything away, where else can we see you in the next sessions?

Most likely in Morocco and Portugal which are the next wave event spots. The rest you’ll have to find out!

What are your goals for this year? 

I’ll be competiting in all the GKA wave events this year, and after getting a good start in Cabo Verde, I’ll definitely try and go for the world title again. I also want to enjoy traveling and finding new places to kite. 

Moona is riding the XO Switchblade and S:Quad.