Fireball control system awarded IDEA Award and featured on the cover of Innovation magazine


We are honored to announce that our Fireball Control System has taken top spot in the IDEA (International Design And Excellence) Award.

Each year a select number of products and their designers are recognized for their innovative approach to design in a wide field of categories. The Cabrinha FIREBALL control system was selected in the sporting field for it's innovative friction free rotational design.


Fireball is a control device for kitesurfing with a ball and socket apparatus that connects the kite to the rider. Fireball features a rotational frictionfree method of connection, which sidesteps a decades-long industry-standard hook-and-loop connection. Fireball is much closer to the rider’s core than a traditional hook and loop and provides a substantial increase in control and comfort.

We are also proud to see the Fireball featured on the cover of Innovation Magazine's 2017 Yearbook of Design Excellence.

The Fireball is available for  OVERDRIVE RECOIL  /  OVERDRIVE TRIMLITE   /  1X TRIMLITE

Fireball™ was designed by Pete Cabrinha, Dave Hastilow, Dave Starbuck and Phil Sobolev of Cabrinha Kites Design Center for the Cabrinha Kites, a subsidiary of Pryde Group Ltd.