Annelous & Alex on top at the Kite Park League 2017 world tour


The 2017 KPL season kicked of with the Blue Open in Palawan, Philippines  The conditions were great, with wind almost every day. Cabrinha team riders Alex and Annelous showed up a few days before the competition to warm up in the park and get ready for the first competition of the season. During the warm-up, Annelous managed to be the first woman ever to land a toeside backside 540 of the kicker, a double handle pass, and she also managed to be the first woman to land this trick during a competition. Landing this trick in the final gave her the lead. She kept her momentum going with some solid rail hits which helped her to win the Blue Open and have an amazing start of the season.

The second tourstop was the Triple S in Cape Hatteras, the USA. The Triple S is the biggest KPL tourstop and riders can only compete if they receive an invite or if they win one of the remaining spots. The riding level was insanely high. Alex and Annelous both finished in the top of their heat and made it to the final. Annelous kept her consistency and ended the event with a second place. Alex showcased his best riding and landed some of his best tricks on every obstacle. Alex managed to beat some of the worlds best park riders and ended up with a solid 6th place. “I was super stoked to compete in my first Triple S final, which also happened to be my first KPL final. It was such a dream to compete with al the park legends, who are now also my friends, and the level was insane, everyone was riding the best they could. I was especially happy to land my rewinds both ways, which is my favorite trick (heelside frontside 360 rewind backside 180)”, said Alex.

Following the Triple S, Cabrinha riders competed at the Hood Jam in Oregon. Team riders Lucas Arsenault and Kellen Hall both submitted a video wildcard and both received a spot in the Hood Jam and enforced our #CabrinhaTeam at this KPL tourstop. During the competition they got some classic Gorge conditions, strong and gusty wind. Even though both Alex and Annelous have been riding a lot in these conditions they couldn’t ride their best during the contest. Alex just missed the final and Annelous missed the podium and ended up with a 4th place. 

The final tourstop of the Kite Park League was Rhosneigr, Wales, and the stakes for Annelous were really high. After three tourstops she was sitting in 2nd place, but if she would win the final stop she would win KPL world title. Wind, cold temperatures and warm tea sum up the week of competition at this beautiful spot. Even though the riders were kiting with a bit more neoprene than what they are used to, the level was really high and the battle for the overall titles was on. Alex managed to make the final and thanks to his good riding he climbed up to 8th place in the overall ranking of the 2017 KPL. Annelous managed to stay calm and focussed and landed really good tricks on every feature. She even landed a new trick on the rail that she just learned before coming to Wales and she couldn’t be more happy to win the 2017 KPL world tour. “I’m over the moon to win the 2017 KPL world title. Coming to the final stop I knew I had to give everything to win and even though it was nerve wrecking it was the best feeling when I landed my tricks. All the girls have been pushing it a lot this season and I’m excited to see what new tricks will be landed during the 2018 Kite Park League!”

Yeah, Annelous, way to go!

Annelous and Alex are riding the Cabrinha CBL