Cabrinha Wing Tutorial Series

Want to get into Wingsurfing or already are and looking for some tips to nail your first jumps and gybes?  Then we've got just the series for you. Cabrinha's new guide to Wingsurfing takes you from your very first steps right the way through to mastering turns and boosting airs with Alberto Rondina and Annelous Lammerts.  

Episode 1: 

In this first episode of 6, we guide you through what you need to get going and the different equipment options out there.

Episode 2:

In episode 2, we give you the top 10 tips to get your gear ready, onto the water and up and riding.

Episode 3:

In episode 3, Alby and Lous guide you through 4 basic turns to learn for Wingsurfing.

Episode 4:

In episode 4, Alby and Lous give you 8 tips for lightwind Wingsurfing. From gear, to pumping to self rescue.

Episode 5:

In episode 5, Alby explains how to jump in 8 steps.

Episode 6:

In Episode 6, Annelous and Alby talk about 3 basic tricks you can do Wingsurfing.

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