Cabrinha 01 Teaser

 Over the last year, surf and wind sports have taken on a more prominent role in all of our lives. What was already a healthy obsession has evolved into a rock solid collaboration between our state of mind and our athletic desire. A mutually beneficial relationship. Equal partners. One strictly tied to the other, because regardless of whatever is happening on land, our time in the water is sacred. It belongs only to us, it’s ours to choose how we want to spend it, and the gear that we select has never been more important. This season we have expanded your choices and have sharpened your tools. We bring you more ways to tap into the surf and wind sports independently, or combined into the many new hybrid scenarios that are now within your reach.

The Cabrinha 01 collection launches on 16th February 2021. Learn about all the new product from the 16th onwards at

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