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Cabrinha Brand News


We are proud to announce the relocation of the Cabrinha brand headquarters to its birthplace and creative hub on Maui, Hawaii. During the last 25 years, Maui has inspired the world's most significant watersport innovations. Kitesurfing, tow-surfing, SUP and foil boarding were born in Maui and Cabrinha has played a substantial role in pioneering all of them.

The Cabrinha family, our staff, is made up of the sport's best and brightest individuals who are dedicated to the lifestyle and philosophies of the brand. By gathering the brand's core of Product Development, Brand Management and Marketing under one roof in a unique and inspiring environment, Cabrinha will continue to pave the way in the future of kitesurfing.


It is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce the appointment of Dave Hastilow to the position of Division Manager. Dave has been an instrumental figure in the kitesurfing industry and an integral part of the Cabrinha division for the last 17 years. His experience in this unique business is unmatched. Dave has worked his way through the ranks in the industry gaining valuable experience at every step along the way. He has served the Cabrinha brand in many capacities starting with his term as a kite surf instructor and retail manager. He went on to work in sales for Cabrinha’s Caribbean territory. Dave then moved to Maui to work in R&D at our product development facility, eventually landing the position as Cabrinha’s product development Manager. Dave spent 5 years in Asia integrating our product development efforts with our state of the art manufacturing facility. In the process he played a key role in the introduction of our innovative Quicklink™, Overdrive™ and Fireball™ Control Systems. His keen understanding of the different aspects of this business has led him directly to this position today. On behalf of the worldwide Cabrinha Family we would like to extend a warm welcome to Dave.  



Leading Cabrinha's Product Development efforts from Hong Kong since October 2016, Lars Moltrup joins the Maui based team at Cabrinha’s headquarters in Kahului, Maui.
Being an experienced Product Designer with a Background in manufacturing, Lars focuses equally on production design as on functional, ergonomic and aesthetic aspects of our products. Lars is an avid kiteboarder that is passionately involved in the sport and its international community. 



We hope you enjoy a summer rich with wind and waves and look forward to seeing you out on the water. Aloha!