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Cabrinha Materials


In the past a lighter kite was used for just one thing.  Lighter wind performance.     Back then to achieve this lighter weight, riders typically had to sacrifice durability and features to get the most out of the threshold winds.

We are now in a new generation of not only kiteboarding, but also material developments.   Advancements have been going on for the past years, and through the work with the Cab Design Works team and the best manufacturers in the world, we have been able to develop new materials and designs, which not only help riders get out in those marginal winds, but also perform at the other extremes of our sports.


For the 03 Range one of the first development projects was to introduce new materials to further enhance the kites performance.

In 03 we introduced 3 frames to the Cabrinha Kite Range.   Each frame was chosen based on the attributes needed for the kites they are used on.