KITING SINCE Since 11 years old
HOME SPOT Cold Hawaii - Denmark

8m Nitro and 135 Xcal


How did you get into kiteboarding?

My parents taught me how to windsurf when I was 6 years old. My whole family was windsurfing and we really enjoyed it, but after a few years of windsurfing my parents started kiting. My brother and I kept windsurfing but after watching our parents kite, we were very curious to try it. When I turned 11 years old my dad took me for my first session with a kite and I immediately fell in love with it.

Home Spot

Cold Hawaii which is not just one spot but an area in Denmark with several different spots. We both have flat water spots and wave spots.

Master Discipline

Big air all the way. Since I started kiting, big air has always been my favorite discipline.

What is your favorite trick? 

It varies a lot but at the moment doobie contra board off - that trick just feels amazing. 

What motivated you to become a professional athlete?

I get motivated by being on the water. I have the feeling that I want to get better every time I’m on the water. And the continuous progression and passion for the sport is what motivated me to become a professional athlete.

Following other athletes and seeing their passion for the sport also motivated me to become a professional athlete as well as riding with friends, sharing sessions and pushing each other.

What is #LiveFreeRideFree for you?

#LiveFreeRideFree is for me being on the water, doing what I love and not having to care about anything else, then I feel completely free.

Your motto?

Embrace the journey, let the goals emerge.

Social media:

Instagram: @lucas_gramstrup

YouTube: Lucas Gramstrup

TikTok: @lucasgramstrup