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HOME SPOT Kanaha Beach Park, Maui
MASTER DISCIPLINE Big Air, Foil Freestyle
FX + XCAL 138, Mantis + Autopilot 4'6 / CODE 4'10


What is your favorite trick?  

Any megaloop or kiteloop variation. I think kiteloops are the perfect example of what makes kiteboarding so unique and rewarding.

How did you get into kiteboarding? 

I got into the sport as a teenager with my father, who has a long history of water sports experience which he has shared with me. As a young adrenaline junkie, it was the perfect move. My passion for kiting had changed me, and offered me an even greater appreciation of my home on Maui. The last ten years hydrofoiling here in Hawai’i has been nothing short of an amazing development in water sports history. 

What motivated you to become a professional athlete? 

I've always been inspired by Cabrinha's creative team of hardworking individuals here on Maui, as well as the world-class athletes who have filled their team roster in the last decades. As a media student I have always believed the art and messages behind the Cabrinha brand to be top-notch. That said, my parents were once professional windsurfers and my father also a pro skier in his day, with a whole current generation of pro skiers on his brothers side. You could say I had it in me. 

What is #LiveFreeRideFree for you?

To me, ‘live free ride free’ captures the basic feeling of freedom everyone enjoys during their time on the water. Free from calls, and any obligations if you want to be. It also represents to me what kiting, surfing, and foiling can do for your life even during your time off the water, one decision or positive change can have a butterfly effect into other parts of your life. 

Your motto?

‘Whatever gets you out there.’ It doesn’t matter if it’s a twin tip, strapped or strapless surfboards, or learning how to wing on the biggest board you can find. The most important thing is that we get ourselves out on the water to enjoy some sessions, and share that with as many people as we can!

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