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Article: Daniel Ware, Sales Representative

Daniel Ware, Sales Representative

Daniel Ware, Sales Representative


Charleston, SC

MASTER DISCIPLINE: Freeride Kiting / Winging

Kite : Moto-X – Contra Aether | Ace Wood 138 | Logic 3’7.                         

Wing: Mantis | Code 4’8 | Link 4’5.

Foil : Hollow 74/84cm | H650, H700 MKII, H800, H1000, H1300 MKII | V180, Chopped H180 | Short ,Medium Fuses.

How did you get into kiting/Winging?

Growing up surfing in Charleston, SC, there were countless sessions sitting in the lineup while the South West Sea Breeze was blasting overhead. Kiters would be down winding past my friends and I while we were getting blown around in the wind chop. During summer 2006 we all bought power kites from the local kite shop and started to try to ride any and all boards with them. Fast forward a few summers of bumming around the shop until we got jobs and taught ourselves with school gear after hours and we were chasing sessions year round. Fast forward though the years of kite and surf foiling to 2021 and wingsurfing has become my latest obsession!

What is your favorite trick?

Kite : Front To Blind

Wing: Chasing bumps!

What motivated you to become a professional athlete

Ive always admired the team at Cabrinha and their ability to represent the brand to the fullest on and off the water. To be a part of this team pushes me to charge harder than ever and push my limits every session!

What is #LiveFreeRideFree for you?

#livefreeridefree to me, means to ride everything and have fun! There are so many different disciplines in kiting and foiling these days and the sky’s the limit for progression. Try something new every session and don’t be afraid to change it up. Don’t be a one trick pony.

Your Motto

Share the Stoke!

Social media:

Instagram:   @danielwhere