Titouan on Top in Gran Canaria

French rider Titouan Galea showcased his remarkable skill as he secured a stunning victory in the freefly slalom racing event at the recent GWA contest held in Pozo, La Palmas. Despite encountering unforeseen challenges such as a canceled flight that resulted in his late arrival, and the absence of sleep and practice, Galea demonstrated unwavering determination and emerged triumphant atop the podium after several intense days of racing.

The competition presented an even greater test due to the exceptionally strong weather conditions, with consistent winds blowing at speeds exceeding 40 knots. These demanding circumstances only served to heighten the excitement and push riders to their limits. Galea's strategic gear selection played a crucial role in his success. He opted for the Cabrinha Mantis 3.5, a wing renowned for its exceptional stiffness, which enabled him to excel in upwind reach and attain top speeds.

The exhilaration continues as the remaining disciplines of the GWA contest are set to unfold over the coming days. The young talents of Benji Castenskiold and Ancor Sosa Kather are currently engaged in an intense battle in the freestyle category, promising further thrilling displays of skill and competition.

Stay tuned for updates on the exciting action yet to unfold at the GWA contest in Grand Canaria.