The new Moto

Have you checked out the new Moto yet? Our new kite in the range allows you to break away from freeriding into free surfing and foilboarding which makes it a triple threat with an incredibly wide range of use.

"The Moto is simply one of our highest performing kites to date with a massive range of use. With cutting edge skills in Freeride, Freesurf, and Foiling, the Moto could simply be the only kite you’ll ever need.” - Pete Cabrinha

The All-New Moto kite leads us into a new era of performance kitesurfing that smashes all conventional thinking.

“Every year we throw down a challenge and our designers happily step up to meet it. This was the case with our all new Moto kite. This project grew from a humble 3 strut kite design into a triple threat performance beast that shatters any metaphoric box that tries to contain it."
- Pete Cabrinha

This versatile Freeride / Crossover 3 strut kite is light to the touch and provides a precise and linear power delivery. 

The Moto performs its best in challenging wind conditions. Generous depower tames the gustiest winds and widens its wind range considerably.

The Moto’s fast turning speed not only puts this kite into a performance category of its own, it enhances the kite’s amazing versatility.

The Moto comes in 4 color ways including the new XO Moto design.

Team rider Annelous Lammerts on fresh 2019 gear: the new XO Moto and our new Hi:Rise lift foil on the Double Agent.



XO Moto