Annelous wins the KPL Kite Mansion Open

Big congratulations to Annelous Lammerts for winning the Kite Park League's final tour stop at the Kite Mansion Open in Brazil. Annelous secured her 3rd place in the overall ranking and showed some impressive riding at her home park with the highest scoring tricks in the women's division.Congratulations also to team rider Alex Maes who climbed up to 4th place in the overall ranking.

The event was the first KPL event held in Brazil. The lagoon near Icapui has been Alex Maes' and Annelous Lammerts' home park for the last three years.

The park has come a long way with lots of their time, sweat and hard work that went into building the spot. Needless to say that Annelous and Alex were stoked to organize the first competition. 

With 25 world's best park riders of 11 different nations, the event was a great success, not only for the riders but also for the spot!

To leave the lagoon is a better shape than they found it, the event kicked off with a beach clean up and planting mangroves.

Huge thanks go out to Annelous and Alex and the team at the Kite Mansion for organizing and hosting this event! 

 PHOTOS: André Magarao, Nik Ganderton, Alexander Lewis-Hughes