Designing the Future: Dudu Mazzocato

"Over the last twenty years, Cabrinha has carefully crafted our kite range to serve every facet of the sport. Our success is achieved by implementing a delicate balance of innovation and refinement. Knowing when to push boundaries and when to lock in a winning design. No one knows this design method better than Dudu Mazzocato. As we approach our twentieth anniversary it brings me great pleasure to announce the hiring of Dudu Mazzocato to the position of Chief Kite Designer for Cabrinha.
Dudu’s in-depth experience in kite design harks back to the very genesis of our sport. Dudu wrote the original kite design software used to create some of our sports most iconic inflatable kites. His collaboration with legends like Don Montague helped to develop a fledgling sport into the vibrant industry it is today. This collaboration evolved into ground breaking projects like the Makani (kite generated) Power project and the innovative Kite Boat project. Developing unique inflatable kites without precedent or a pre-existing road map are the kind of challenges that Dudu thrives on. The hiring of Dudu Mazzocato kicks off a new era of design and development for Cabrinha. With a renewed focus on innovation and progression we are extremely excited to raise the level yet again."  - Pete Cabrinha


Dudu Mazzocato was born in Brazil and graduated as Naval Engineer from the University of São Paulo. His passion for aviation and water sports has been a driving force in Dudu’s career. With a focus on developing custom software for various applications he is able to fuel his never ending curiosity. For the past 20 years, Dudu's professional life has been closely related to the design of aircrafts, sails, kites, and hydrofoils, proving his innovative talent and approach to kite design.

As a commercial helicopter and airplane pilot and aviation enthusiast, Dudu applies concepts from year's experience in theory and practice. Dudu developed the first Kite Design CAD Software and worked on the the first factory production kites starting in 1998. As an engineer, Dudu brought the technical knowledge to kite parameters such as aspect ratio, profile distribution, force vectors, and aerodynamics. In his home country of Brazil, Dudu helped to develop kite schools, training new talented riders, and constantly helping to progress the sport of kitesurfing.