Keahi takes 3rd place at GKA Tour Stop in Fuerteventura

Congratulations to Keahi de Aboitiz for taking 3rd this weekend at the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour in Fuerteventura.

The event started off with the best weather conditions and winds blowing strong at the event's location south of Sotavento on the island's famous kite beach.

After a solid performance in the quarter finals against Camille Delannoy, the semi finals got a bit more challenging with the wind dipping during the heat. Keahi lost points to Matchu Lopes who won the semi-final. 

Luckily, the wind was up again for the mini-final with both riders on 8s. In the heat with Mitu Monteiro, Keahi nailed three tricks within 100 yards on two tacks, including a toe-side front roll to blind, a shifty air reverse and his big stalefish back roll, securing third place on the podium.

"Happy to come away with a in some of the more testing conditions I’ve competed in. Huge congrats to Airton Cozzolino who was on another level the past couple days.", Keahi said. He currently ranks 4th in the tour, with two more stops ahead in Brazil in November and Keahi's home base Australia in December. 


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