Join the RIDE!

Join Gwen LeTuTOUR & the Cabrinha Ohana as they roadtrip across the United States this summer sharing a passion for kitesurfing, wingsurfing and everything in between!  With the biggest equipment packed RV in the industry they will be hosting demo’s, gear presentations and shop parties all along the route from Florida to Hood River!



Well, we made it onto the road and kicked things off in Florida with Damien Leroy.  With a stiff breeze and a fantastic turnout it was smiles around and lots of gear testing going down. 


With no time to lose, the Cabrinha RV headed to Charleston to enjoy some breezy conditions with the avid SC kiting community.  At the heart of the RV tour are good connections with the Cabrinha Ohana (family) and the perfect example of this is with Estuary Brewing, makers of the new DRIFTER beer.  Head to the Newfound Freedom Project page to check out all about this collaboration and how it's helping people facing unique challenges get on the water and enjoy Watersports. 


Next stop Gwen and the RV hooks up with NC local Evan Netsch who takes the gang on a ride through his backyard and explains all you need to know about his favourite freeride setup.


The RV arrived into New Jersey to good wind and a fantastic turnout.  The Switchblade was the standout kite due to its all-round performance and stability.  


Shelter Island provided the perfect training ground to introduce wingsurfing to a group from the Shelter Island sailing club.  Jon Modica, Cabrinha chairman explains why wingsurfing is such a great complimentary sport for sailing and why the skillsets are so transferable.