The man behind Dreamland - Anders Krüger

The Man behind Dreamland 


Over the years, Videographer Anders Krüger has traveled all over the place alongside Cabrinha. Remember Capetown Confidential or The Value of Nowhere? Yes, these and many more of our videos were shot and edited by Anders. 'Dreamland' is another display of his exceptional eye and ability to capture the essence of kitesurfing. Check the interview and behind the scenes shots with Anders below!


Hi Anders, Dreamland was filmed during this winter's peak season. What are the hard things with shooting kitesurfing on Oahu?

The hardest thing about filming kitesurfing in Oahu is no doubt trying to dial in the dates up front. Even the day before you can’t tell if it's going to be really good or really bad. To have the wind and waves lining up is sometimes a bitch. When it lines up tho its really good. Also, the waves that we usually go to is pretty far out, so if you shoot from land and want it nice and tight, the long lens is your friend. Another thing that is really annoying is the traffic. Funny enough the traffic forms right in between those two spots we usually go to. Sometimes you can’t be sure which spot is better on the day so it can be a bit of a gamble to pick the spot. You don’t want to pick the wrong spot and then go back sitting in traffic.

How good are Keahi and Moona?

It's ridiculously easy working with those guys. They are so good. Not just their talents in wave riding but understandings of what angles works best for the lens etc. If you shooting from water, it's not that easy to line up and hit a wave with the kite in the shot. Well, it can seem easy with those guys, but you realize it’s not easy when filming with other riders sometimes. If you, as the cameraman, are not in the perfect spot or it's a small shitty wave, they adjust in order to get the better shot. When you go back and look at the footage you realize how smooth the style is and why they are world champs. 

You’ve worked with Cabrinha since 2012. Which has been your favourite video you’ve produced in those 6 years?

My first photoshoot was in the British Virgin Islands filming the 2013 collection. It was an amazing trip, but at that time I didn’t have much experience filming, so was a bit scary to come in after Elliot Leboe and deal with legends like Pete Cabrinha, Dre and Susi Mai.

As the years went by I got more confident so I could relax more and really enjoy the trip we had sailing around French Polynesia. That must have been the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited and most stunning footage I ever brought back. Seeing all the footage and memories coming together with the narration of Pete and the self-made soundtracks produced by a friend, was a very enjoyable process. Value of Nowhere we named it.

What is it that excites you about shooting surf?

I surf myself and I love the search. Showing up at a place and it is firing is so exciting. Getting the perfect shots is almost as satisfying as surfing yourself! 

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