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Article: Conquering the dunes of Brazil's Lencois National Park

Conquering the dunes of Brazil's Lencois National Park

Conquering the dunes of Brazil's Lencois National Park

Cabrinha Brazil took the fresh 2019 to the epic lagoons and dunes of Lencois National Park for a test weekend. Enjoy the amazing edit produced by Studio Mille and read about the trip in the interview with Cabrinha's Adrianno Azevedo below!

Hi Adrianno, the dunes and lagoons at Lencois National Park look amazing. Where is this spot and what are the conditions like for kiting?

This place is 20 miles and about one hour by 4x4 inside the Lencóis and the wind at this time of year was 15-20 knots.

What was the reason to go and what were the logistics? Can anybody just go and kite over there?

In fact there are many spots in Lençois possible to kite, the problem is the car access to them. Special authorization is required and a good local guide as this area has several natural traps, such as shifting sands, disorientation, several natural abysses in the dunes and very fine sand creating a great trap for cars. It requires a lot of ability and knowledge to be driving in this environment Outside there are specific lagoons for Kite near Santo Amaro with access to 4 x 4 that you can hire on the spot and spend the day. Without a car you can enter by foot and simply backpack and camp.

Cabrinha just came out with fresh gear, what are your top three picks?

The Moto, Switchblade and Ace Wood are my main choices of the new line. My customers also ask for comfort and agility in the response.

How would you describe the kite industry in Brazil? What are the trends and what is the community like in such a big country?

Today the main problem in our market is the economic political instability of the country that directly influences our imports, even with all these problems the trend is of market growth. Kitesurf today is reached to the community of the lower classes and in this line is growing the number of kitesurfers around the country.

Besides Lencois, what is in your opinion the best spot in Brazil?

There are several destinations in Brazil for kitesurfing, with more wind or less wind, more waves until water flat, clean and transparent water in many places, water temperature even in winter comfortably in most of the country.

I would say that there are some places not very popular on the east coast of Ceara because the wind is a little weaker than the west coast on the condition of 15- 20 knots, Barra Nova and Fortim are beautiful destinations, there is also Icarai da Amontada on the west coast, not forgetting the Prea near Jeri, in addition in the states of Bahia, Espirito Santo, Rio and Santa Catarina there are several places with natural beauty and a Good wind for this sport, difficult to indicate only one place, it depends on the style and what kitesurfers really look for in their journey beyond the wind, wave or flat water.

Our team riders Annelous Lammerts and Alex Meas spend their winter kiting in an uncrowded lagoon near Icapui. With many overcrowded kite spots, it seems impossible to find this kind of location these days. Do you have some tips for off-the-grid locations?

Not far from this area there is a beach called Soledade in the state RGN after the city of Macau and depending on the moment of the tide and the formation of the sand form lakes, this is perfect also for freestyles without any crowd, better access of car 4x4. Many years ago when I started working at the Pryde Group I got a job from Mr. Neil Pryde to explore the 8000 km of beaches in Brazil, I stayed two years on the road it was a great experience and I really knew a Brazil that no one still knows until today.

Thanks, Adrianno and see you on the water!

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