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Article: Cabrinha Euro Tour - Summer 2022

Cabrinha Euro Tour - Summer 2022

Cabrinha Euro Tour - Summer 2022

Cabrinha’s Tour of Europe just kicked off in northern France. Gwen le Tutour spent last summer driving the US Cabrinha RV across the United States throwing demos and parties along the way. He’s now in France, helping launch the European tour and passing on the batten to its new tour Manager Nico le Bris.

The two have already been busy hitting some of northern France’s best spots and are now headed south to the most southern tip of Spain, where it will then head up into Italy, Germany & the Netherlands.

Check out Cabrinha Facebook Events page, for the latest tour information.

Q & A with Gwen, Nico & Theo:

Q.  Gwen, you did the Cabrinha US tour last summer, how has time on the road in the EU been compared to the US?

A.  The roads are a lot smaller in the EU compared to the US so we had to think about the best choice of vehicle to maximize getting to all the different spots. We actually already made a few wrong turns and negotiating a U-turn on a small street isn’t the easiest! Luckily the airstream can be disconnected and controlled on its own which is a huge help in these situations! There are also so many amazing spots close together following the coastline south in France, where we are currently and the turnout at each demo has been really a lot more than I expected.

The kiters are really passionate and keen to try the latest equipment and come down and join in the good vibes that we aim to bring to each location.

Q.  Nico, you are going to be managing the whole road trip, what are the best bits of doing this road trip and what is the worst?!

A.  Traveling along the coastline is simply the best way to see Europe.  Driving from spot to spot and seeing everything along the way is something I’ve always dreamt of.  I also really enjoy meeting new people with similar passions and to watch people come and join in at the demos and try the gear is very rewarding.  It’s full of smiles, stories, experiences and connections to new people every step of the way.

The hardest part is planning in advance depending on the weather conditions.We have a set route plan but one of the things we wanted to do on route is be flexible to the conditions and make sure that we can adapt dependent on wind and weather.

Q.  Gwen, what does this road trip bring to the customers around Europe other than the usual demo? 

A. Good vibes /experiences etc.  We want to really bring an experience to each stop and to make every kiter feel like they are a part of our journey and to share that passion we have for watersports as well as the journey.  We’ve found already people are excited to talk about where we have stopped off and where we are going.  As much as each demo is about educating customers about gear and helping them improve their riding it’s about connecting people together at each location and almost enabling them to then feel part of the tour after we’ve left.

We’ve made so many new friends already from the stops we’ve made, it feels like they will all be following our adventure as it continues.

Q.  Theo, You helped kick things off in France, how was your experience there?What did you enjoy? 

A.  Whenever you arrive at a new place, being surrounded by locals like Gwen and Nico makes the experience so much more enjoyable.  Brittany delivered some amazing conditions... Wind, Waves, beautiful spots and stunning scenery.  The French coastline is simply breathtaking and to top it off it was very exciting shooting the launch of the tour.

I finished my part of the tour with a demo day in Kerhilio.  It's always nice to see people riding Cabrinha gear and I'm looking forward to seeing the tour make its way through Europe this summer.


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