70 miles, 4:21 hours: Adam Farrington breaks the Isle of Wight record

Adam Farrington from the UK just became the youngest to kitesurf the 70 miles around the Isle of Wight. It took the 15-year old up and coming rider 4 hours and 21 minutes to circumnavigate the island. 

Hi Adam, congratulations on circumnavigating the Isle of Wight! Can you tell us about it, what were the conditions like and how did you do? 

We were hoping for a gentle force 3 with no waves so that we could maximise my speed on the foil. What we got was significantly more wind and a very choppy / rough sea state as the strong tides kicked in at different point of the rounding. At the start the wind was offshore and very light. By the end it was 25 knots and I was fully depowered for the final beat into the finish.

What was your gear set up and how did you do with it? 

I was on the new AV8 foil board and 11m AV8 kite with the lines on their shortest setting. I did alright and managed to get round in 4 hours and 21 minutes which we believe is the fastest time for a tube (LEI) kite rounding.

How old are you now and for how long have you been kitesurfing? 

I’m 15 and have been kiting for 5 years now. The previous youngest person to kite round the IOW was Guy Bridge when he was 16.

What’s your favourite discipline and what route do you want to take as a kiter?

My favourite discipline is foil racing and that’s probably the route I want to take as a kiter. I still enjoy freestyle and will compete again at the British Freestyle Championships this year. It’s nice sometimes to come off the water after training with the Great Britain youth racing squad and grab a twin tip or a free ride foil and go out and play.

You and your dad Russel have been up to a lot of kite adventures and records! Which one has been your favourite so far and what's your next project? 

I really enjoyed the Defi kite in France this year. Being caught up in a 16 kite start line tangle in 50 knots of wind and managing to swim under another kite, relaunch mine and finish the race was really satisfying.

My favourite adventure has to be the English Channel crossing last year where I kited 69 miles from Swanage (UK) to Cherbourg (France) in 5 hours and 19 minutes all on one tack.

My next project is to participate in a Gold Cup foil race at Gizzeria in July with the GB youth squad. I also want to improve my foiling speed and maybe I will try to get round the Isle of Wight even faster next year!

Great job, Adam. We look forward to see your next kite adventures!