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design works

Design Works started as a collective of the most influential leaders in our industry. A group of people whose sole focus is to push the boundaries or the sports we love.

With a no holds bared approach to materials and development techniques, the team are allowed to explore opportunities which are not achievable within normal development or budget constraints.

The developments have a trickle down effect into our normal in line products, but in the case of certain projects we saw such a large potential for our customers, that we wanted them to have access to the products that normally are just reserved for the test team.

Design Works products showcase the pinnacle of design through the enhancement of high end materials that are not possible to use in all round products.

One name is synonymous within kite boarding and big air. With multiple world titles and accolades on products he designed, Pat Goodman is one of the greatest kite designers of all time.

We tasked Pat with an initial challenge. To take our Big Air international team to all new levels andthus the Moto X Design Works project started.

With a blank canvas ahead of him, Pat Goodman had carte blanche to choose what materials and what design to use, and the first Aluula 5 strut kites were created.

Through months of testing, Pat wanted to explore a reduced strut option to see if it opened up more doors and opportunities. We weren’t disappointed. 

Through the use of Aluula, Pat was able to create a unique product that has light and fast steering, but still be wide and flat in arc shape compared to other kites in the same genre giving this kite amazing hangtime and glide.