The AV8 collection is a precision crafted kite and hydrofoil board made from the highest quality materials. Each component is designed to maximize AV8's efficiency in the hydrofoiling realm.

The AV8 kite is a highly efficient 5 strut power source. Its lean profiles and optimized aspect ratio deliver the highest level of performance in a light weight inflatable structure.
AV8 is controlled by a light weight, ergonomic control system with a 4:1 trim adjustment. The bar is made from Aircraft Grade Alloy with ergonomic injected molded EVA bar ends. Lines come ready adjustable for use as 16m, 19m or 22m.
The AV8 Foilboard is made from 100% carbon with an EPS foam core. Its race oriented design combines beveled rails for max lean angle and has an extended planing surface.
The AV8 hydrofoil is a stunning work of art. Made from 100% prepreg carbon, the AV8 foil assembly is as beautiful as it is technical. Its wing is incredibly fast yet infinitely adaptable to wind and water conditions.


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