HOME SPOT Zandvoort

Cabrinha Nitro (or switchblade) + xcall 135


How did you get into kiteboarding?

Before I got into kitesurfing I used to windsurf and power kite together with my dad and little brother. I started windsurfing at an age of 5 and as soon as grew up and older I could learn how to fly a kite. After the windsurf and power kite part of my life, I started kitesurfing at an age of 10. I was in my last year of my lower school and I had one friend, Max, who was learning how to kite as well. Always when I went windsurfing and afterward power kiting with my brother, I saw a lot of kitesurfers on the beach. My mom and dad always told me, that when I would turn 10 I could take a kite lesson! The first lesson I had was together with my best friend Max. We were both super small and very excited to go kitesurfing. What I remember is that we had to walk upwind in the water super far to be safe and not crash on the beach.

Home Spot

My home spot is called Zandvoort. There are several spots close to my house where we can have good sessions! The good thing about the Netherlands is that there is often a lot of strong wind in the autumn and then you can practice kiting in very strong winds.

Master Discipline

When I started kitesurfing, the whole scene was focused on doing handle passes. I was riding with boots and a freestyle kite every session. Now I have changed my riding to Big Air. I am riding with a straps board and 5 struts bow kite!

Cabrinha Gear Set Up

The first setup I am riding from Cabrinha is for sure the Big Air set. I will be riding the extremely nice new Big Air kite, the Cabrinha Nitro, in combination with the Xcalliber. With the lighter wind, I will use the Cabrinha Contra to develop my board-off skills also during the light wind on summer days.

What is your favorite trick? 

For now, my favorite trick is, I would say, a triple backroll board off kite loop 😉  I learned this trick last summer in Greece on the flat water and I can’t wait to pull this trick in really strong wind from a kicker!

What motivated you to become a professional athlete?

My motivation as a kitesurfer is to inspire other people as well to get started in the kiteboarding scene. I never aimed to become a professional athelete, I just really like the sport! I feel like kitesurfing has made my life so much better and I can experience such a “cool” dreamlife I would say. Every trip is perfect if you travel together with your kites and your best friends! It is way too sick to be able to call kitesurfing my job.

What is #LiveFreeRideFree for you?

#LiveFreeRideFree for me means that I can decide to do whatever I want. I can work for myself and choose which direction I go. Get out on the water whenever I want and be happy with every decision I take.

Your motto?

I used to say, “live slow surf fast”, but right now I would rather say:  “Make sure the younger you can look up to you and be proud of what you have made from yourself!”  

Social media

Instagram: @stinokiteboarding

Facebook: Stijn Mul