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Article: Michiel Schipper

Michiel Schipper

Michiel Schipper

KITING SINCE For almost 7 years
HOME SPOT Zandvoort – The Netherlands
CABRINHA SET UP Nitro / Xcal Carb


How did you get into kiteboarding?

I’ve been kiting for almost 7 years now. It was my brother’s birthday and he wanted kite lessons. So as the little brother for sure I wanted to join. Then with all my savings for a moped I bought a Cabrinha FX instead and since then I’ve been hooked to this amazing sport.

Home Spot?

The home of the megaloop challenge Zandvoort – The Netherlands. Probably the worst spot for progression but its raw and truly makes you feel alive with strong current and a wave coming from every direction. When we are doing a downwinder with the full Spacexkitesurfing crew you won’t see me any happier.

Master Discipline?

After my first kite lesson I attended the Redbull megaloop challenge, inspired by the sheer guts from these riders I knew this would be my discipline. A few months later I started pulling my first loops as well!

Cabrinha Gear Set Up?

Flying high and pulling massive loops is what I long for.  What other kite then, than the Cabrinha Nitro to give me this amazing feeling.  Of course sticking a great landing is not to be forgotten with the Xcal carbon.  

What is your favorite trick?

Doobie contraloop board off (Doobie: Two inverted forward rotations before the loop).

What motivated you to become a professional athlete? 

I’ve always been very competitive, so as the first Dutch championship of big air came along, I was the first one to sign up. Riding my first heat with full passion and breaking my fibula wasn’t the best start but for sure made me hungrier. 

What is #LiveFreeRideFree for you?

It's all about enjoying the water and the wind without any limits.  I’m a guy without an agenda because I can’t plan for the wind.

Your motto?

Sorry couldn’t make it, had a “board” meeting.

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