Joss de Pfyffer

NATIONALITY: Swiss / Zimbabwe
KITING SINCE: Since 2005
HOME SPOT: Tarifa, Balneario
MASTER DISCIPLINE: Big Air / Strapless Freestyle
CABRINHA SET UP: Nitro for Big Air & Strapless / Drifter for Waves & double loops.


How did you get into kiteboarding?
I got into kiting thanks to my dad who had always ranted on about how awesome the sport was.  He was probably the only kiteboarder in Zim doing missions wherever to find lakes with wind. His motivation always fascinated me.  I tried it and was grateful he shared his knowledge with me and now I join him on his missions to search for epic conditions along with my two siblings.

What is your favorite trick? 

Very hard quastion to answer as there are soo many tricks that I would consider my favourite tricks,  but in strong wind would have to be a boogieloop boardoff tic tac late front.  And in strapless backroll boardoff as high as i can go with two tic tacs at the highest point. (such a feel good trick when it all comes together).

What motivated you to become a professional athlete?

My parents were always into extreme sports and have always pushed me towards them since a very early age. I never knew I wanted to become a professional until I realized how fun it was to make a hobby a profession. Now I have more passion for the sport than ever and am motivated to keep pushing my level to my maximum potential which still seems to be quite far away. 

What is #LiveFreeRideFree for you?

I live by this quote as many of my friends would probably say about me. For me it basically means choose a way of life that doesnt restrict your freedom and alows you to never have FOMO for enjoying the sports that you love. Feeling best felt, sharing  a downwinder in cape town with friends with a couple cold beers after watching the sunset.

Your motto?

I am getting better and better every day in every way in every aspect of my life.

Social Media:

Instagram:  @jossdepfyffer
Facebook:  @joss.pfyffer
Youtube:   @josspfyffer