Camdyn Kellett


 South African




Kite Beach - Cape Town


Big Air (on short lines)


FX2 + 8m lines and 135 Xcal Wood


How did you get into kiteboarding? 

My dad has been riding since the mid 2000s. When I was 10 he bought me a trainer kite and a few years later I was riding upwind on my fist lessons!

What motivated you to become a professional athlete? 

Since I started kiting I’ve always watched the pros, whether it was in films, magazines or on the water at my home spot! It’s really inspiring growing up kiting and watching your idols grow and progress right with you in the water. 

I’ve been riding Cabrinha since the first body drag I did with my dad the day before my lessons. One of the first photos that really blew my mind was a shot in some kite mag of someone looping level on short lines with an old Cabrinha Switchblade. That picture has stuck in my mind and over the years inspired my riding. I still remember seeing that photo and being like: “I want to do that one day”! 

Kiteboarding is such an incredible sport. It’s a mix of a few of my favorite things: Flight, water, sailing and surfing! It’s harnessing nature in such an awesome way, I had to make this my lifestyle one day!

What is #LiveFreeRideFree for you?

To me, being on the water alone with my thoughts while doing something so effortlessly fun is my happy place. No phones no responsibilities no worries! Nowadays we’re so hyper connected it’s scary, a place where I can take a break from that is a place where I am free. 

In that way I live free ride free every time I’m on the water!

Your motto?

Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. Same with Mother Nature.


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