The perfect getaway in Brazil

During the winter season, uncrowded kite spots in Brazil are a hard to find. A few years back, the Cabrinha riders Alex Maes and Annelous Lammerts discovered a pristine lagoon near Icapui which wasn't just a good escape from the crowds, but the new promised land.

Together with their friends at the Kite Mansion, our team built a kicker and a rail, making the spot the perfect park riding playground. With perfect wind conditions all day long, the lagoon provides all you need to ride a perfect line. 

"The spot is south of Fortaleza where the kiting crowds thin out and there is a much more relaxed vibe. The kiting is still typically brazil but it almost feels like you are back in time before kiting has taken its grip on the countries now infamous coastline." - James Boulding

“The set up at the Kite Mansion is just perfect and after discovering the most uncrowded lagoon three years ago eight minutes away from the pousada, we knew it was the perfect place for a kite park!”, Alex recalls.

“One of the most special things about the lagoon is the opportunity to do lines. The lagoon has two long water channels with sand on both sides which makes it look like a cable park setup, the wind is perfectly oriented for both left foot and right foot tricks and it just keeps on going forever.” 

“Getting the good speed in and out of all your tricks is crucial to do a line and the goal is to not switch your feet or leash which pushes you to improve your switch stance and to spin both ways. I’m sure that we are going to see some insane lines at the Kite mansion in the next few years.” 


"Each day we were alone, except for the local fisherman who would wave with happily, grin with their toothy smiles and offer satsumas as they headed out to fish during the low tides." - James

"Everyone of the "Kite Mansion Crew", as we call ourselves, was killing it on the kicker and it was super motivating to see everyone landing new tricks. For me one of the best moments was when we had the kicker left foot forward and the handrail in the middle of the channel to the right followed by the barrel. It was so much fun to do an airtrick, followed by a rail hit and ending the line with a fun barrel hit." - Annelous

"I hope this project will inspire other riders to do their own slider projects and try other things." - Alex

The KPL Tour Stop 'Kite Mansion Open' will premiere November 23 - December 1 at the Kite Mansion in Icapui, Brazil.