Contra voted best lightwind kite of the year!

We are stoked to announce that the Contra was just voted Best Lightwind and Foiling Kite in the biggest test in the industry, TheKiteMag's Ultimate Test. According to the testers, "the Contra ticks all the boxes and is a massive powerhouse for twintip riding. The new Nano Ripstop material makes a marked difference and only honed it further".

Crowned in its category two years in a row, the Contra with its unmatched efficiency and performance combination is perfect for any riding style and discipline to bridge your riding into the light wind arena.

Test Result: "The Contra provides a practical and pragmatic approach to light wind riding and the huge range of sizes means you can really dovetail a Contra in well with your existing quiver, matching your body weight and riding aspirations precisely. 

It feels more direct and alive than ever before and makes marginal conditions very pleasant indeed, without having to grab a hydrofoil. It feels very much like a "normal" kite, without any need for adjusting your riding style, or with the slow motion feeling that you can sometimes associate with light wind equipment.

Upwind is an easy gig with the Contra, without having to edge like a demon to push it forward, it just performs the task obediently with no fuss. In a sensible wind range, it still maintains the ability to unhook without wrenching your arms out of your sockets, and provides a sturdy platform for any manoeuvres you see fit."