Maximize your session count with the Contra

Lockdowns have started lifting and it just so happens kitesurfing is an ideal sport to socially distance, have fun and stay fit and healthy. Kiting really is the go to sport for so many reasons right now. If, like many kiteboarders you want to maximize your water time now more than ever, there is one product that shines brightly, dubbed by all that use it as the ‘Session Saver’. What’s most incredible with this light wind beast is that it performs so well across all disciplines of kiteboarding. It’s a lifeline power source that excels sub 10 knots on a twin tip or foil while having vast depower so it can be held down if the winds pick up.

If you want to maximise your session count this season you really need a Contra in your quiver. We spoke to some Contra owners and asked what is it that they love so much about the Contra.



"The Cabrinha Contra is an Awesome Light Wind Machine for getting you up and riding in next to no wind. The Last few sessions here in Narnia in The Highlands of Scotland on the 15m we were up and riding in 10mph and with a twin Tip not a Foil!" - John Robinson





"It’s the reason I learned to kite, my 2016 15m. For a beginner, that extra pull really helped me lock into the whole sport when I was feeling it out. As a higher skill level kiter now, the loft and the ability to go out for a fun cruise when no one else can, is unbeatable." - Andrew Broussard





"Only person out at shark bay Cape Verde... Peak season and everyone else stuck on the beach. I use the 15m contra with a 60cm bar, and have done for over 6 years now. It's obviously a session saver but I love it because : it doesn't feel like a big kite, the kite is responsive, quick to turn and loops readily ; it's super stable and won't fall from the sky, even if the wind drops to 5mph you know it's going to keep flying ; and finally because it drifts, if you catch a wave this kite will drift downwind and let you ride that wave." - Russel Farrington





"I have had more Kite sessions saved by the 19 m Contra than I can easily remember. It flies fast and easy more like a 14 or 15 m kite. It allows me to use shorter twin tips for close in photo work with less ankle impact than a larger board. This is my third season using larger contras and I love the performance!"- Rick Lossi