Rob Douglas becomes KiteSpeed World Champion

Congratulations to team rider Rob Douglas for winning his 3rd world kitesurfing championship title! At the KiteSpeed World Championship in Oman last month, Rob set the best port tack speed in competition history at 50.25 knots average speed over the 250 meter course.

In winds averaging 17 to 30 knots with 120 degrees wind angle and super flat water averaging 10cms deep, Rob won all five races and defeated the current world record holder Alex Caizergues.

With this win Rob continues his winning streak for Cabrinha and remains undefeated in international speed competitions since October 2011.

"Thanks Cabrinha for all the continued support and efforts over the years!. Really happy to represent and give back to Cabrinha by winning on the race course and standing on the podium!"

Next Up: The North American Speed Championships from October 21 until November 4 in Martha's Vineyard. Rob is ready to race on the Velocity!