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Article: Congratulations Triple-S Winner Annelous Lammerts

Congratulations Triple-S Winner Annelous Lammerts

Congratulations Triple-S Winner Annelous Lammerts

Big congratulations to Annelous Lammerts for taking the win at the Triple-S Invitational at Cape Hatteras this weekend. The Dutch champion killed it on the FX and CBL, proving that her consistent training and dedication to park riding payed off! Read the recap with Annelous below.

Congratulations, Annelous! How did you prepare for the competition? 

To prepare for the Triple S Alex Maes and I have been wakeboarding a lot. The weather wasn’t that great in Belgium in spring, but that meant no waiting in line at the cable parks and endless laps. We went a lot to our Ter Hills Cablepark because they have rails to get ready for the Triple S. We went to Hatteras three weeks before the event to make sure that we could do all the tricks that we learned on the cable also on a kite. 

Which tricks did you score during the competition? 

I was really stoked to get the highest scoring rail hits during the event and that I landed a toeside backside 540 that scored an 8 in round 1. 

What was different this year from the years and ultimately made you take the win?

This year I was feeling more ready than ever. I progressed a lot the past year and knew I had the tricks to take the win, which gave me more confidence going in to the event. 

How was the final for you? 

The final was really challenging. The wind picked up like crazy and I was fully lit on my 7m FX. I had been riding a few sessions in really strong wind already, so I knew what I had to do. I changed my game plan and made sure to get simpler but clean hits on everything. I knew I was not going to do my best tricks in these conditions, which separated me in round 1, but I stayed calm and managed to win my first Triple S! 

How did you celebrate afterwards?

The Triple S is known for the insane parties that they organize and this year was unreal. On the awards night the Roots were playing on a massive stage and it was great to celebrate the win with all my friends from the KPL. Definitely a night I will remember. 

The prize money was adjusted this year to equal the men’s! What will you be doing with it? 

Yes! I’m so grateful that Real Watersports together with Wind Voyager and the other sponsors raised the price purse of the event to 70,000$ and have equal pay for men and women. This is the first event I’ve been to where there is equal pay and it is great that women have the same opportunity to create a living from competing and I hope other events will follow. I can’t wait to see more women pushing it and landing new tricks in the future while battling for the biggest price purse in our sport here at the Triple S! And what I’m going to do with the money? I always wanted to have a van! 

What’s next on your list? 

Tomorrow I’m going to head West to Hood River to get ready for the Hood Jam in July. My main goal is to keep progressing my riding and I have a long lists of new tricks that I want to land. 


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