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Article: Lauren and Lucas come out on top at the Canadian Nationals

Lauren and Lucas come out on top at the Canadian Nationals

Lauren and Lucas come out on top at the Canadian Nationals

Lucas & Lauren, Congratulations both on becoming Canadian Champions, firstly could you give me an idea of how you’re both currently feeling?

We are both absolutely thrilled to claim the top spot at Kite Clash Canadian Nationals. I’m super excited to win first place for the second year in a row and was so happy to see Lucas get his title back as well. The level this year was higher than ever and it makes the win ten times better having both of us at the top of the podium. This event was an amazing kick-start to our summer and we are more motivated than ever to keep riding and progressing in preparation for next year.

Squamish looks a beautiful spot to ride and compete, how are conditions there, are there any challenges you have to contend with?

Squamish is most definitely one of the most stunning locations we’ve ever ridden. It’s very unique to have such consistent wind in between the mountains. Squamish is so special because of the huge rock spit that stretches out into the Howe Sound, which provides epic flat water freestyle conditions. The wind is mostly thermal, which means if the sun is shining, you will be kiting!

Run me through the finals, were there nerves or were you both relaxed

Lauren: Definitely some nerves leading up to the final! There were a few new girls that came out this year who brought some more advanced and technical tricks to the table. I knew I was going to have to land some of my best tricks to get the result I wanted. Once the horn went off to start the heat, I definitely relaxed a bit more. The waiting game is tough but once I'm riding, I settle down and focus on my tricks.

Lucas: Going into the finals I was definitely nervous. I focused on keeping as calm as possible and tried to avoid overthinking it. I usually perform better with a clear head. I ended up having a great heat, landing exactly what I had in mind.

What are the big differences between freeriding, training and competition and how do you approach them?

Typically, when going out for a free ride session, we would both usually have a new trick or grab in mind. This is our way of always trying to keep things fresh and a good motivator to get out for a session, even if the conditions aren't perfect. Training and competition goes hand in hand. A good competition result is due to proper training. Before an event, we spend less time trying new things and more time perfecting what we already know. Consistency is a huge factor in winning an event.

Competition has seen so many different formats recently, where would you like to see the competitive side of the sport going?

When it comes down to what format is in play, there's no right or wrong method. Whether it's slope style or heats, we think the most important thing is valuing quality over quantity. A proper execution should always be rewarded highly. Recognizing this will help the sport progress in a clean manner, and will encourage riders to land simpler tricks in the best way possible.

What’s next for you both?

Aside from keeping our Canadian titles for years to come ;) ... We both earned a spot in the Patagonia Hood Jam coming up in two weeks time. We just arrived in Hood River and are looking forward to getting in some park sessions. The Kite Park League is definitely something we both want to be more involved with as the sport continues to grow in this discipline. 

Thanks for both your time and big congratulations once again!


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