Cabrinha Announces Mutual Separation with Casati's

Maui, Hawaii, August 1st, 2023 -
Cabrinha, a prominent wind sports equipment company, and Lorenzo and Leonardo Casati have come to a cordial decision to amicably part ways. The separation follows a fruitful 7-month period marked by remarkable achievements and well-deserved recognition.
Throughout their collaboration, both Cabrinha and the Casati brothers have demonstrated unwavering dedication and professionalism. They proudly celebrate the collective successes attained together, which include notable accomplishments such as the world's first Triple Loop on a stock production kite, Lorenzo's improvement to 3rd place in the Big Air World Championship, and Leonardo's impressive standing at second place in Youth Strapless.
Acknowledging the significance of their shared experiences, both parties have realized the importance of pursuing new opportunities that better align with their commercial and individual aspirations. This challenging decision underscores the understanding that not every partnership is perfectly matched, and sometimes a brands objective may not completely align with ambitious personal expectations.
While parting ways, Cabrinha remains resolute in its commitment to supporting, promoting, and developing top-notch equipment for wind sports. The company will continue to expand it's investment in Big Air through emerging talents, fostering grassroots projects, and seeking partnerships that resonate with its core vision and values.

Despite the separation, Cabrinha and the Casati brothers maintain a positive relationship and will continue to support each other's endeavors, rejoicing in their shared accomplishments along the way.