Annelous Lammerts taking 2nd place at Hood Jam

Big congratulations to Annelous Lammerts for taking second place at the 2019 Hood Jam in Hood River this weekend! The Triple-S winner finished runner-up with only 0.65 points behind Karolina Winkowska. at the second stop of the Kite Park League. 

The Dutch champion killed it on the Cabrinha FX and CBL board. 

"The Kite Park League's level of the ladies keeps going up and I’m so motivated to keep pushing my riding! All the ladies are sending it and I’m super stoked to see the progression everyone is bringing to the water!", said Annelous after the final. 

The Grand Finale of the tour will take place at the Kite Mansion Open in Brazil this September. 

PHOTOS: Vincent Bergeron


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