Tech Tip: 2020 Overdrive Control System

In this Tech Tip video, Cabrinha Test Manager Phil Sobolev walks you through a complete breakdown of a 2020 Cabrinha Overdrive Control System and its spare parts. Jump to the section you need here:

0:40  Security Pin

1:47  Harness Loop

2:50  Spinning Handle

3:34  Leash Connection Swivel and Lower PBS

4:39  Transition Plug

4:55  Depower Mainline

5:13  Overdrive Cassette

6:54  Bar End Bungee

11:16  1 x Bungee Line

14:03  CAS Trim Strap 7 Recoil Spring

19:36  Spinning Handle and Plug Rebuild

21:39  Front Lines

24:24  Harness Loop Reattach

25:43  Trim Lite Cleat Trim Line

28:29  TLC 1 x Bungee Line

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