"Intriguing Beings" Podcast with James Boulding

In his new 'Intriguing Beings' podcast, IKSURFMAG's Rou Chater talked to Cabrinha Team & Marketing Manager James Boulding. Rou and James chat about his early career, how he, Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court and Sam Light changed the face of pro kiteboarding forever and also what his job entails now. It’s a fascinating insight into how one of the most talented riders of his time has morphed his career into what it is now.  

"James has been all over the world and his got lots of tales to tell, he's a humble guy who's immensely talented on the water, even though these days you'll more likely find him behind the lens rather than in front of it. If you listen in you'll also find out what James is looking for when it comes to pro riders too!" - Rou Chater

We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we do. Stay tuned for more on Intriguing Beings.

James showing how it's done during this year's product shoot in Maui.  

One for the team: James wears many hats at Cabrinha being Team manager, rider, Head of Marketing and photographer.

Weekends in Maui: Sunset surf sessions with the team.


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