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No kite has done more in the sport of kitesurfing than the Switchblade.  World Titles, World Records, Podium topping, all on a stock production kite that has also brought so many people not only into the sport, but given the perfect platform to evolve, improve and push their own boundaries of what they thought possible. 

For 02 we have given the Switchblade a further performance boost. The redesigned and rebalanced bridle gives the option to not only increase the turning speed, but also lighten up the feel of the kite.  A lighter faster kite not only extends the reach of this amazing product to different riders, but also allows for faster steering and control for jumping.  The five strut stable frame of the Switchblade really comes into its own in the higher wind ranges, here the legendary boost and hang time of the Switchblade really shines.  

5 Strut, Hybrid design, Fusion wing tip shape, Draft forward profile.


  • NEW bridle configuration for refined flight characteristics
  • Heavy duty closing seam construction
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness
  • High Tenacity Dacron for enhanced arc stability and improved handling characteristics
  • Strategic canopy reinforcements in the high stress areas
  • Pure Profile Panels for efficient aerodynamics
  • Ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles
  • Ridiculously high hang times
  • Large sweet spot and smooth on demand power control
  • Excellent upwind performance
  • Swept leading edge for effortless relaunch
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Key Features

Nano Ripstop Canopy

The benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness.

NEW bridle configuration

A redesigned and balanced bridle gives a lighter feeling and faster turning kite, allowing for a wider range of users and also control for jumping.

Ultimate performance

The most versatile kite in the industry, allows for use in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles.

Ridiculously high hang times

The 5 strut stable platform allows for stability in higher winds, and the wide arc allows for increased glide.

Excellent upwind performance

The unique profile of the canopy allows for effortless upwind performance..

Swept leading edge 

More sweep allows for not only increased range, but also easy relaunch, especially in lighter winds.

Style Selector

Pop / Slack / Power


Depower Range / Relaunch /
 Upwind Ability


Big Air:
Boosting / Hang Time / Kiteloop


Turn Speed / Drift / Relaunch


Turn Speed / Drift /
 Underpowered Steering


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High Tenacity dacron

Our Dacron is specifically designed for inflated kite structures. The construction of this material is very warp orientated using ultra high tenacity yarns with an increased thread count to combat elongation in the warp direction under the high inflation pressures. Lower elongation make for a more accurate kite with less deformation while in flight.

Nano ripstop canopy

A higher level of performance can only be achieved when the kite's design properties are supported by a stable and reactive kite material.  Nano Ripstop does just that.